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If you arrived here looking for a free PDF copy of this book:

Painting A Portrait by De László (as told to A. L. Baldry),

you’ve come to the right place.

Click on the title link above and you will be able to download a new  (2013) PDF version of the complete 1934 Painting A Portrait by De László.

This 95-page book is newly formatted to a 6 x 9 size that fits most larger Nooks/Kindles/tablets. It contains all the original text, plus a lot of new commentary in footnotes (which I put in for my benefit because I created the book for personal use). Painting A Portrait by De László is a LARGE file (about 200MB) because I used high resolution (300 dpi) images of the photographs in the book. It may take 2 or 3 minutes to download.

Painting A Portrait by De László contains bookmarks,  links from the ToC to major heading/illustrations, and from major headings/illustrations back to the ToC for ease of navigation. There are also hyperlinks to various websites which supply additional information which I have found, and still find, helpful.

Painting A Portrait by De László went into the public domain in 1961 in the US and in 2007 in the UK. However, this is the first time anyone’s bothered to make a new, updated version available in a useable e-format. I wanted a modern e-version to carry around for easy reference. Too, I didn’t want to worry about getting my original dirty!

I love Philip de László. I own the book from which this PDF was made and I refer to it often. It’s made me a better artist, a better art critic, and a better person.

In this new version of Painting A Portrait by De László I have provided new color photos of referenced paintings in the second section of the book. I have also linked to these images their various museum websites where possible.

Also, in case any links to referenced painting in my commentary disappears in future, I provide an alternative way to view these additional works via the three reference painting pages above.

I share this book with you in hopes that you will share it with others and someday people will realise (once again): de László was one of the greatest portrait artists ever.

If you are interested in reading the original book without any additional commentary, a scanned PDF of the original 1934 Painting A Portrait by De László  is available by clicking on the title here. I created this 81-page PFD from my copy of the book using 150 dpi resolution. It’s 18.5 MB.

If you appreciate this work, please consider making a donation to The de László Archive Trust, a registered UK charity.